De-Stress By Changing Your Space! 5 Easy Tips to Improve Your Home and Mind

Today, most of us carry a fairly hurried pace of life and our home should be a refuge, the place where we feel free and relaxed, which can relieve the tensions of everyday life. Often, the best way to equate the routine is to make small changes around us to get quick satisfaction. So when talking about home improvement projects, wouldn’t you love an instant update to fill of life the interior of your home? Sounds fantastic, doesn’t it?

Fortunately, there are many quick fixes that can produce fantastic results, and the best of it all is the way you will feel as you finish. I thought of some changes for you to try. These are some really easy tips for fast and fabulous makeover at home:


1. Let It Rain

Would you like your bathroom to become a haven to relax? Just change the shower! If you choose one with a rain effect, or a manual watering, it will provide you a very relaxing bath. Rusty old keys and showers are the first indication that your home needs a makeover.

2. Give New Life to the Enlightenment 

Light is an important element in any environment. But if your lamps now look worn, it’s time to renew it with a layer of spray paint. Today there are endless options-from bright metallic colors to soft ones- with which you can create the style you want in minutes. Simply add a new lampshade and… voila! 

3. Fabulous Photo Frames

Keeping in mind the good memories will always help you relax. Photo frames are the ideal option for adding a decorative and personalized touch to your shelves and tables. You can modernize this daily detail of decoration by simply updating your standard frames for new digital versions. They allow you to enjoy not one but many pictures (that change) your family, friends and favorite moments, that will help you forget your stress. And in the case you think you’re not tech-savvy or that this remodeling can take too long, do not complicate the issue of technology: Note that the frame only need to use a USB memory or smart card from your camera, and that’s it!

4. Charm by Using Color

It is proven that color can influence our mood, so it is an important element to consider for each room at home and at any space you use to be in. You can paint the whole room (which would be the perfect idea to take the bad energy out and have a real extreme change!) or you can add small touches of color in a space too in order to update it easily and quickly, and with that you also influence your mood. For the living room or the bedroom, use stuffed pillows or blankets to change the look. Use bright colors to add positive energy, or soft, neutral colors for a relaxing effect. Do not be afraid to use patterns and textures, a combination of styles can create a totally unique look in style. You can also pamper your sense of smell with scented candles or flower arrangements… breathing new air will help you open your mind.

Finally, in the bathroom and the kitchen you can try changing your towels and dryers with bright colors or a cute design. You will find that these small changes are simple, but they will easily produce spectacular results!

5. The Detail of the Faucets

It is indisputable that one of the most occupied places in the home is the kitchen, which also serves often as the center of family reunion. Therefore, this important space deserves special attention and may be highlighted with elegant fixtures taps. Changing the old styled ones will help you feel renewed too, and like that with as many stuff at home as you want to.

Remember that when you feel you need an immediate update, don’t you feel overwhelmed. Changes can be simple, and you can start with the spaces you’re surrounded by. They are fast and reasonably economical, as well as provide fantastic results, functional, full of style, and helpful for you to take all of the stress out of your space by creating a new one.


Mental Health Benefits of Exercise

It is proven! Exercise and mental well-being are closely related. Therefore, it should not surprise you that those who perform physical activity regularly are calmer, less stressed and their lives are fuller.


Multiple scientific studies have shown that there is a direct relationship between physical activity and mental well-being of people. In practical terms, those who took the decision to change the remote control into trainer shoes tend to have more energy, manage stress better, have greater concentration and motivation, are less angry and frustrated, sleep well and have a more active social life. I mean, they usually feel better in all areas.

But… how?

Well…The explanation for so many benefits is simple. During and after sports practice our body releases substances called endorphins -also known as the “hormone of happiness” – which are responsible for the sense of well being that invades people at the end of training. These are also responsible for anyone to regret not going to the gym, going for a run or a bike riding.

And you don’t need to be an elite athlete or run a marathon to enjoy the benefits of exercise. You can achieve doing some physical activity with any type of body movements involving energy expenditure. This not only includes a weekly routine in the gym, but also includes playing, walking, dancing, doing housework or recreational activities. Not expensive and too easy!

Change the routine

People think that when they come home tired it is best to sit and watch TV or play on the computer, which is comparable to prefer junk food instead of a healthy and nutritious dish. Both give a momentary sense of well-being but have no benefit in the long run. The proper use of free time is essential for our physical and mental health. The advantage of performing some physical activity is that you’re doing an investment for the future, in which you can get results from the very moment you start practicing, it will directly help the increase of your self-esteem.

Sport, Wellness and Happiness

While happiness is a subjective concept that varies according to each person, there is a consensus that is related to the existence of a common sense of general well-being.

There are three factors that can influence the welfare:
     1. The first is genetic, corresponding to those characteristics that are inherited from parents.
     2. The second is external, such as gender, marital status, level of education or income, among others.
     3. And finally we have the modifiable ones, which are elements that people can change at will, as the attitude towards life; goals and dreams; how to face adversity; know how take advantage and enjoy present, and do some physical activity.

Currently, stressful situations tend to be always present, which causes the body to feel constantly threatened and increase the risk of illness. Even, multiple scientific studies have shown that physical activity improves regularly welfare levels, low anxiety and stress and reduces the risk of emerging diseases.

Indeed, one of the most important benefits of physical activity is to lower stress levels caused by modern life. Physical activity can be understood as small doses of stress that start and end at known times. For example, if you’re going to run half an hour, the body will increase your heart rate and will need to breathe faster. Over time, these symptoms, which are very similar to stress, can be recognized and managed better, because the body no longer interprets them as a terrible dose of stress, since it’s already accustomed to receive it in smaller doses.

Around the world, a low percentage of people play sports. The rest of the population is sedentary. The vast majority spends many hours on the computer or video game consoles, and instead of walking, prefer to use the car, subway or other means of transportation to travel even short distances. In short, people move less each time and obesity rates continue increasing. Well… this situation is worrying, because we’re not only facing a population that may be at risk of serious physical illness, but could also see altered their mental health and therefore their quality of life. So let’s start exercising to keep our attitude and mentality healthy and positive!


Less Stress Means More Happiness!

Personally, I have had times in my life where stress has been incredibly overwhelming. It is hard to think of being happy with so many things going through my mind and life.


Today I want to give you 11 ideas that I have personally applied to end stress almost completely and come to have greater well-being, and even then succeeded in accomplishing my goals.

1. Simplify
Why have things you do not use? Why spend your time doing things that don’t have any value to you? Our day by day is full of objects, situations and even people who are dispensable.

Make your life as simple as possible and gain inner peace. By simplifying, you leave aside the little things and focus on what is really important.

2. Get organized
The first step is to order the world around you, to be functional and practical. The second step is to control your time: planning.

3. Get Focused
If you have many things to do and you’re not sure where to start, your tasks can seem so difficult to finish that you get discouraged before you start. In these cases, try the following method:

Focus on choosing the most important and urgent task to be finished. When you’re performing this task, focus exclusively on it 100%. At the end choose the next and focus 100% on it and so on. Go step by step and before you know it you’re done with everything!

4. Practice Optimism
The easiest way to practice optimism is starting the day by writing things you can thank your life or your positive qualities.

5. Take a Step Back
Sometimes we dive so much in both studies or work, that we identify with them and start to turn school or work problems into personal problems that hamper us from living a full life.

Therefore it is useful to take away wondering… Will this matter within a year? An effective strategy is to distance yourself from labor problems and to use your free time to do activities that make you really feel excited, especially if you are in a group, as this helps you to detract attention from your problems at work.

6. Healthy Habits
What are healthy habits?
     -Eating in moderation
     -Do not eat candies (regularly)
     -Do not consume drugs
     -Exercise every day
     -Getting a good night’s sleep
… and many more.

7. Improving Your Self Esteem
Improve your self-esteem is to improve your relationship with yourself. If you improve your self esteem, your performance in all areas of your life will improve and so it will be harder to get stressed.

8. Take Responsibility
Taking responsibility means understanding that you are the owner and responsible for your own destiny, getting what you want depends only on your actions and that excuses will not help you get what you want.

9. Look After Your Money
Money definitely causes stress. There are four basic skills to manage your money in your favor:
     -Reducing expenses
     -Increasing your income
     -Investing to expand
     -Simplifying your life

10. Emotional Intelligence
An essential ability to deal with stress is to know how to recognize it and return to a situation of calm. Since in an alarming situation is more difficult to recognize your own feelings, this takes practice.

What state is your body when you experience stress? Identifies tension, repetitive movements, sweating, cold and trembling voice.

A simple method for calm in a stressful situation is to imagine a feeling that you like. Imagine: The smell of your favorite perfume, your favorite song or taste of the food you like.

11. Maintain Positive Relationships
Care relationships with your friends, family and couple.
A good relationship is what allows you to communicate and share and is based on trust and mutual respect.

I hope you can put these ideas into practice and really these bring a positive change in your life. It’s up to you to become happier and cheerful and make stress a thing of the past.

How To Be Happy?

What thing (if not happiness) should be our motivation every day?

Why should we do all we do, if it’s not to find our happiness?

The truth is that we all seek to be happy in some way or another. If you currently have a job, you go to the gym, eat certain foods, you have certain friends or an intimate relationship, what happens is that you fortunately account with different ways that allow you to be happy in different areas in your life.

It means, your job, business or projects are not a responsibility or a humanitarian purpose, they are a personal concept oriented to happiness. Why? Just because you work with that for you to get money, and with that money you can go buying things you need and that’s something you like.

Thus you can satisfy your desires as a human being and reach a certain level of happiness. Of course I’m not saying that a job is the best choice to be happy, but precisely the fact that through professional performance we can achieve a good level of self-realization and of course subsistence, should be what would motivate us to work.

Happiness is not part of a destination to which we should get, but a way to reach that destination, and the destination that brings us happiness is success!

In other words, being happy is an indispensable part of the habits that are necessary to be a successful person. And finally, saying it in another way, personal development, seeks to make you happy, and take you through the paths of success.

So, occasionally most of the people wonder about an interesting question: How to be happy? And today, thinking about it, I want to share a little, those elements that you could leave behind to achieve your happiness, taking advantage of previous times in which we have talked about positive, optimistic thinking and achievement of goals.

No worries!


I think no matter how much I focus on mentioning the great benefits of nonchalance for our lives, I wouldn’t even rightly explain how important it is for Personal Development.

The concern is the mother of failure, is precisely one of the main reasons why people do not achieve success simply because worries lead to a state of mind naysayer, predisposes us to fail, and creates in us an enabling environment for lack of happiness.

If you’re worried all the time about your situation, debts, future, etc … it is because you do not trust your ability to achieve what you propose. It is simply because you do not believe in yourself.

So leave worries behind! You’ll get nothing with concerns. No one has ever managed to resolve a problem worrying. Investing time wisely in solving a problem is worth much more, take it for sure than to go saying negative things about it without any sense. You must place both hands on your head, lean back a bit and relax, the solution to the problems comes when there is mental clarity. And a life without problems is a happy life.

So from now on, try to be a little quieter at facing situations, try simply to stop thinking about the negative things of life, in your drawbacks and details, no matter how large its impact may be.

So let’s put aside the negative and embrace the positive things. When we focus on the positive things, negative people and situations get diluted like sugar in hot water.

Normally if your mind is programmed to think about success, achievement, development and evolution, then failure, self-sabotage and mediocrity will be hard pressed to knock on your door.

To be happy, all you have to do from now is not get rid of the bad, but increasingly embrace that which you consider under your concept good.

So now you know, a wise singer once sang, “Don’t worry, be happy.”

12 Interesting Ideas To Get Relaxed

Relaxing is perhaps one of the most effective methods to set out on the path of success and think clearly about what we do with our lives and how we can improve.

The best way to deal with stress is to prevent it, but when we are in a moment of tension it is good to know some relaxation techniques to quickly change our state of mind.


1. Meditation
Meditation is a way to give a break to your mind when it is occupied with constant worries. Meditation is to simply stop thinking, stop being focused on you to concentrate on experiencing the world around you.

Try it now! Attempt 1 minute without thinking anything, just looking at an object that you like or closing your eyes. Listen to your own breathing so that you concentrate more easily. At first it will be challenging to spend more than 10 seconds without thinking, but the more you practice the easier it is. So… How do you feel?

2. Visualization
Spend a few minutes thinking about nice things. Take a temporary leave to your imagination. You can be in Paris, sitting in a restaurant in the Eiffel Tower, drinking the best wine in the world with the person you love most… by just closing your eyes.

Imagine situations you’d like to live or remember the best moments of your life. To your mind, imagining it is the same as experiencing it live, so what you visualize can really change your current status.

3. Yoga
Modern Yoga is a set of physical exercises designed to bring harmony and flexibility to your body. Try it for a few minutes, it’s a great exercise for your body and your mind!

To relax you can also use any other physical exercise you like. While physical exercise may seem more painful than relaxing, your body produces endorphins after exercising, leave you deeply relaxed.

4. Going for a walk
Walking combines the benefit of exercise with having fresh air and a sunbath, and it forces you to look out at the landscape, and that distracts your mind of any concerns you may have.

5. Listening to music
Let’s spend some time enjoying your favorite music. No matter the style, any song that you like (even Heavy Metal) is good to get relaxed. If in addition to this you add singing and dancing then you have a complete relaxation session!

6. Laughter
It doesn’t matter how you do it, just laugh! Laughter is the best remedy for stress.
Quick ideas to have a laugh:
-See comedy films or series
-Explain a joke to your friends
-Make a joke to a friend
-Try saying a phrase with only one vowel sound (A lak ta drank lamanad- I like to drink lemonade -well.. kind of… haha)
-Parody a song
-Play with the effects of your webcam
-Watch funny videos online

7. Breathing deeply
Oxygen relaxes. We all know it from experience. Oxygen is free and everywhere, so enjoy it.

My favorite method of relaxation breathing is to inhale and exhale deeply 4 times. Try it now! Inhale deeply and take the air slowly. You notice the difference? If you’re not relaxed yet, let’s repeat.

8. A Massage
3 massages for 3 separate occasions:
     -Professional massage
     -Couples massage

9. Creating Art with your hands

Focus on creating something that you really like. It will free your mind of unnecessary stress.

What do you like to do? You can try painting, models, DIY, cooking, jewelry making, sewing, making a house of cards, collecting legos, record videos in stop-motion, recreating monuments with clay or anything else that is imaginable.

10. Giving a new touch to your space
Giving a few brushstrokes of paint to your home can make you feel as renewed as your walls. Choose colors you like and that will relax you, then you’ll take a giant breath.

11. Taking a hot or refreshing shower
From a quick shower to a long bath. Both help you relax. If you take a bath with foam and fragrances of eucalyptus or lavender and it doesn’t relax you, then you must be made of stone…

You can also find a gym that has jacuzzi, thermal pools and sauna!

12. Playing with children or pets
Undoubtedly one of the best ways to relax …
Warning: Use this sparingly! Children have lots of energy and can leave you exhausted 🙂